Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Jakob at the 2015 Savannah Swings Festival

Jakob is a senior in high school. This will be his last year with the Agoura High School Jazz band and thankfully, Jakob will be returning with his band to the Savannah Swings Festival one last time in Spring of 2016.

Here are some pictures and videos from Jakob at Savannah from March of this year, 2015

Jakob and his band mates getting instructions and help from the amazing musicians at the Savannah Swings Jazz Festival. The clincs are the best part of the trip for him. 

Jakob in front of Wilkes House, pre-feast. Another favorite part of the trip for him.

The musicians perform before leading the clinics to help the kids. They're amazing.

More practicing...

Getting ready to perform at the Savannah Waterfront with his band.

Performing at the waterfront for the Swing Central Jazz Festival.

Jakob's solo at the waterfront.

More on the waterfront.

The Lucas Theater, where the competition takes place.

Jakob at the Lucas Theater, about to go on at the competition

The Competition

Jakob's solo

The Saxophones, after the competition. A job well done.

Jakob and the band.

Jakob and his bandmates, goofing around.

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